Video Campaign: One Fun Day with Hayes Grier and Sea-Doo

Leveraging Video for Social Media and Teaming with Internet Stars

Buying a watercraft is a major purchase for some families – at times on par with the cost of taking the family on a one-time vacation. Add to that the hectic, busy times we all find ourselves in, and it seems like there is never enough time to enjoy a new family toy.  To show the value in buying and owning a Sea-Doo watercraft, our approach was to visually express, via social video, the unforgettable fun a family could have in just one day.

Creating a Lifetime of Memories in One Day

The “One Fun Day” social marketing summer campaign was composed of five videos specifically designed and created for publication on Sea-Doo’s social channels to illustrate how a day playing with Sea-Doo watercraft can lead to a lifetime of priceless, cherished family memories.

Bringing  Social Influencers Into the Video Campaign Mix

LOOK Marketing has long-standing relationships with many internet influencers, and for this video campaign we invited social star Hayes Grier and his family, and friends to show us how they spend a day on the lake playing with their fleet of Sea-Doo watercraft. Having Hayes’ on board for this campaign extended the audience reach and offered the brand the opportunity to have its message shared with a younger demographic in order to leverage a multi-generational social marketing strategy.


“One Fun Day With Hayes Grier” Social Video Production Project Details

The first of five ‘One Fun Day’ social videos for client Sea-Doo’s summer 2017 content marketing campaign features North Carolina native, social media mega star, teen heart throb, and handlebar athlete, Hayes Grier and his crew enjoying a typical summer day on Lake Norman with a fun fleet of Sea-Doo’s recreational watercraft models. Hayes showcases how fun runs in the family and why it only takes “One Fun Day” to make buying a Sea-Doo worth every penny.