Event Marketing and Production

Designing and producing memorable promotional events that reach target markets is an effective marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and meet bottom line sales goals. Strategic marketing events engage consumers, and encourages and inspires further brand exploration. The award-winning event marketing and production team at LOOK Marketing has produced premium experiential events that have successfully built emotional connections between consumers and brands. We can help your business produce one-off events or produce nationwide promotional event tours that are part of a larger, over-arching integrated marketing strategy.

  • Ultimate Sea-Doo Beach Party with Devin Supertramp

    Ultimate Sea-Doo Beach Party with Devin Supertramp

    Events, Public Relations, Social Media

  • Press Event Coverage: Route 1 Motorsports Groundbreaking Ceremony

    Route 1 Motorsports Groundbreaking

    Public Relations

  • Branded Event Coverage: Sea-Doo Watercraft and Deadmou5

    Sea-Doo and Deadmau5 Branded Event

    Branding, Events